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Placing annoation objects before a chart window is created.

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I am trying to place annotation objects onto a chart before the window is 

created and not having much luck.

Specifically, it doesn't matter what I specify for Top and Left for the

annotation object; when the chart window is created the annotation objects

all show up at the chart area origin (that is, the bottom left corner; not

the window origin at the top right.) If I choose the location of the

annoation objects AFTER creating the window, everything works fine.

My goal is to be able to create a series of charts in a windowless batch

process (to be printed or directly exported to bitmaps) and use annotation

text to display the date generated near the top left corner of each one.

However, if I print or export a graph that I have not created in a window,

the annotation objects again all default to the bottom left.

In contrast, if I create a fixed legend box, I can specify it's location

before creating the chart window and it will come up in the right place, and

will also print in roughly the right place regardless of if I have ever

created a window. This is the funationality I need from the annotation


(Using VC++,DLL)

Andrew Pane


Merak Projects Ltd.

A Division of Schlumberger GeoQuest


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