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Re: GetExtension not working

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Hey Andrew, 

I tried your code exactly in my app and it works okay (pops up annotation

tool bar and returns pAnnList as something other than NULL)... sorry- i

know thats no help to you except to say you're doing it right... is there

any chance you dont have the latest versions of chartfx?

hth josh

"Andrew Pane" <apane@merak.com> wrote in message


> Actually, it looks like raw_GetExtension receieves a char pointer (LPSTR),

> not a BSTR.


> I tried just about everything: CString, BSTR, character array, etc. and I

> always got the same error code. I copied in the code Josh posted verbatim

> and I still got the same thing. I created a small sample app and tried

> everything but with no difference in results (the code I used is at the


> of this e-mail.)


> I'm stumped. I've got all the latest versions of the DLL's registered.


> (I'm acutally trying to use GetExtension as a workaround for another


> I'm having. I'll post that problem in a new thread...)


> Andrew


> -------------


> CoInitialize(NULL);


> // Create the chart

> IChartFX* _pChartFX;

> IClassFactory2* piLicense = NULL;

> BSTR bstrLicense =

> :SysAllocString( OLESTR("DontBeCopyingMyLicenseString!") );


> // Create the a chart with the license key.

> HRESULT hr = ::CoGetClassObject( __uuidof( ChartFX ),



> IID_IClassFactory2,

> reinterpret_cast<void**>(&piLicense) );

> hr = piLicense->CreateInstanceLic( NULL,


> __uuidof( IChartFX ),

> bstrLicense,

> reinterpret_cast<void**>(&_pChartFX) );

> piLicense->Release();

> ::SysFreeString( bstrLicense );


> IAnnListPtr pAnnList;

> _bstr_t annotation = "AnnotationX.AnnList";


> // creation

> pAnnList.CreateInstance(__uuidof(AnnotationX));

> hr = _pChartFX->AddExtension((IUnknown *)pAnnList);


> // retrieval

> hr = _pChartFX->raw_GetExtension(annotation, (IUnknown **) &pAnnList);




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