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Re: use Chartfx 3.0 on Windows NT 4.0

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I don't see any reduction in the resource amounts.

But what do you mean with importing or exporting the chart?

I am only using one chart.

Maybe I can give you my Delphi code. It raises an exception on line

Blt( ).

error: 'Out of system resources'.

procedure TForm._2graphPrePaint(Sender: TObject; w, h: Smallint; lPaint:

Integer; var nRes: Smallint);


hDeviceC: HDC;

vari1,vari2 : Variant;

xx,yy: integer;



hDeviceC := vari2;

bepaal_formcoo(TControl(sender), xx, yy);

BitBlt(hDeviceC, 0, 0 ,w,


hDeviceC := vari2;



(The procedure bepaal_formcoo determines the coordinates of the control on

the form where the bitmap have to be shown. )

On an other place in the code, I have a problem with: (using the

htmlviewer- component)

ABitmap := CreateCompatibleBitmap(Canvas.Handle, Right-Left,


if ABitmap = 0 then raise EOutOfResources.Create('Out of


Both functions : CreateCompatibleBitmap and BitBlt are Windows API


Only when processed on Windows NT 4.O. No problem with Windows 98.

So maybe the problem is there, not in using chartfx.

Thank you for your help.


Josh Eanes wrote in message ...



>Could I ask you about your problem? I have something very similar.


>Have you checked the system resource meter to see if the chart is causing a

>major resource hit (not a leak but an actual reduction in resource


>Are you importing or exporting the chart?

>How many charts do you show at once?


>I have been having similar error messages from a multiple chart window. I

>tracked down the resource hit to an import statement and am trying to find

>out more so I can fix it.


>Thank you for your help






>"Leen Willaert" <Leen.willaert@cds-nv.be> wrote in message

> news:DE0379D14694D211B4CE00609770710D0559B1@sftfx-221.wamnet.net...

>> Hello,


>> I use chartfx 3.0 in Delphi. On Windows NT it often gives an error:


>> out of resources.

>> This error does not occur every time.

>> When I use the same code in Windows 95, there is no problem.


>> Are there any specific settings for Windows NT?


>> Thanks,

>> Leen






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