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Bar chart with one series over each other?

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Hey ChartFX User, 

I try to explain what I want to do (sorry my English is not very good).

I want to fill a chart with data from a recordset (I think I will do it by


the recordset has 4 Columns, the first column should by used for the label

in the x - axis.

I will use the other 3 columns for three series.

But the series should by showed one over each other.

I try to explain:

Maybe the first column of the recordset has the value 50, this value is the

label in the x-axis.

the second column has the value 52 than in the y-axis I want to have a bar

from 0 to 52

the third column has the value 105 than in the y-axis it should have the

value from 52 to 157

the forth column has the value 153 than in the y-axis it should have the

value from 157 to 310

The x-axis value for all three series is 50, so each bar is over the other.

...the next record the theme way with other values for x-axis and the 3

series and so on to recordcount

I hope someone understand my and can explain how I can do that.


Greetings from Germany

Heinz Willi Wiedow


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