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Re: use Chartfx 3.0 on Windows NT 4.0

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Could I ask you about your problem? I have something very similar.

Have you checked the system resource meter to see if the chart is causing a

major resource hit (not a leak but an actual reduction in resource amounts)?

Are you importing or exporting the chart?

How many charts do you show at once?

I have been having similar error messages from a multiple chart window. I

tracked down the resource hit to an import statement and am trying to find

out more so I can fix it.

Thank you for your help



"Leen Willaert" <Leen.willaert@cds-nv.be> wrote in message


> Hello,


> I use chartfx 3.0 in Delphi. On Windows NT it often gives an error: System

> out of resources.

> This error does not occur every time.

> When I use the same code in Windows 95, there is no problem.


> Are there any specific settings for Windows NT?


> Thanks,

> Leen





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