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Re: Unix Portability

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Have you tried it under WINE? WINE is nearing v1.0, and is QUITE good. 

-- Carl Hultay

"Yogesh Kulkarni" <yogi_kulkarni@yahoo.com> wrote in message


> Hi all,


> i am in the process of evaluating ChartFx 98.... i have a ActiveX control

> and the COM DLL also...


> even thought the ChartFx satisfies my all needs, one of my requirement is

> that, i need to port my software on Unix server...


> is there some way, that i can still use chartFx, and do the needful ??


> does SoftwareFx provide some kind of support for Unix as well ??


> thanks in advance....


> warm regards,

> -=[ Yogesh Kulkarni ]=-



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