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Re: Having problems clearing Design time "random" values when starting real timechart

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Thanks for the suggestions. I'm not sure that "hiding" the

data values will solve my problem as I need to eventually

save the chart data to a file and I don't want to include the

random initial values in the saved data file. I'm assuming even

if the data points are hidden, they still exist in the chart's data array.

I suppose I could hide them and then include an offset when I reference

the data during a SAVE operation, i.e. -> ValueEx(series, datapoint+20),

but I'd rather not have to do this.

Also, I can't get away with hiding one of the series and having the

other one visible.

The "compressing" I was referring to occurs when I specify a

a value of 0 for the Number of Values property in the chart's

Data/Behavior tab. What seems to be happening is that as I add

values to the chart in real time using:


The X axis automatically scales itself and the space between tick

marks on the X axis shrinks as I add data points. When I get to

20 data points the X axis "stablizes" itself and the chart tracks

smoothly. Oddly enough, if I include the code below prior to

starting the chart:

frmMain.TempPlot.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES Or COD_REMOVE, 2, 20

frmMain.TempPlot.CloseData COD_VALUES

The chart seems to "know" how to scale the X axis and this automatic

scaling effect does not occur over the first 20 values. However, the

side effect is that my first data point starts out at an X value of "21".

I think I'm close to solving this but there is still a small peice of the


I'm missing here :-)


Software Engineering Manager, Sekidnko Inc.


"Michael J. Archambault" wrote:

> Gary,


> hi, you can try looping through the x and y values, setting them to

> CHART_HIDDEN . This will make the values off the chart,

> and therefore not show up. This method, however, will leave 1 series

> present.


> Alternatively, you can remove the first, (and only upon startup)series,

> by

> performing an OpenDataEx-CloseData sequence specifying one less series, in

> this case, 0.


> hope that helps!


> michael


> ps. what did you mean by the chart "compressing" itself?


> Gary Kercheck wrote:


> > Hello,

> >

> > I'm using Chart FX98 build with VB 6.0 SP3. I

> > have a simple, 2 series strip chart which seems to be running

> > fine with the exception that upon startup I seem to be unable

> > to excorcise the "random" values that Chart FX populates

> > the chart with during design time. This is a data logging application

> > where I can't "throw away" values so I'm using an unlimited style

> > real time chart. However, I do set the number of values property

> > to "20" in the Data/Behavior tab of the chart's design dialog so that

> > the X axis has a preset width and doesn't automatically "compress"

> > itself (which it did when I filled in "0" for this setting.)

> >

> > I've tried the following code (as well as the line that is commented

> > out) to get rid of these values but they seem to have no effect:

> >

> > frmMain.TempPlot.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES Or COD_REMOVE, 2, 20

> > frmMain.TempPlot.CloseData COD_VALUES

> > ' frmMain.TempPlot.ClearData (CD_INIVALUES)

> >

> > Any suggestions?

> >

> > Gary

> > gkercheck@yahoo.com

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