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how to handle overlapping series

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greetings - 

I'm looking for some information on how to do the following:

1) I have a series that the x-values(and labels) are 200 - 400, with a

step of 10

2) I plot that series, Series1.

3) with Series1 showing, I gather more data, this time with x-values in

the 100-500 range, this is Series2

I want both of the series to be on the same graph, with the series

overlapping between 200 and 400, and only Series2 values showing between

100 and 200 as well as between 400 and 500.

I know that both series will have the same number of points (ie


I also know that I can hide series points using the CHART_HIDDEN


What I don't know, however, is what exactly happens to the data in

Series1, as Series2 is being assigned values:

For example, does the data for Series1 stay where it is, and Series2

has data at lower and higher indexes?

Does the data for Series1 shift to the beginning of the data array?

What I would like, is a way to compare the series, and be able to adjust

the positioning, labels, etc so that the two series are displayed

together, with labels and values corresponding correctly.



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