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I am developing a desktop application (no web server or anything like this)

that uses HTML and JavaScript for its front-end/presentation layer. As part

of the application, I chart data. I'd like to use the ChartFX ocx.

Currently, I use the <OBJECT> tag to embed the ocx. Since the ocx is a

licensed control I need to provide the license information to it when it is

created. I presume that I can do this via a <PARAM> tag. Is this possible

and if so, what is the NAME/VALUE that I should pass in via the PARAM.


I am using ChartFX 98 4 Build 14

Development Tools

I am developing with HTML and JavaScript on Windows 2000

Code Snippet:

<OBJECT classid=clsid:608E8B11-3690-11D1-8FD4-00AA00BD091C id=ChartFX1

style="HEIGHT: 400px; WIDTH: 600px"><PARAM NAME="_cx" VALUE="3016"><PARAM

NAME="_cy" VALUE="2672"><PARAM NAME="Build" VALUE="14"></OBJECT>


Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert

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