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Passing an array in VC++

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Hi Franc, 

Thanks for guiding me in the right direction. I was able to change the

number of series and values using OpenDataEx method of the ChartFX 98


I am a little confused as to how to pass an array. Let us say that I have

21x69 array in memory (21 series, 69 values/series). 'Reading Data from

Arrays' from help describes all that is needed for a VB project. How is it

done in VC++ project as there is no Reference option under Project menu?

The help also says that one can not pass multi-dimensional arrays such as

nData(10,10)in to ChartFX 98. I appreciate if you can write a sample piece

of code to readin Data(21,69) from memory to ChartFX in VC++.



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