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Re: question on series

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thanks for your response! 

Francisco Padron wrote:

> 1) What do you want to see ? if there is no series there is no scale and

> therefore no axes. You can use the ClearData method to clear all the data

> and you will get a message "No Data Available" instead of a chart.


> If you want to be able to see the axes, then hiding a series is the way to

> go. You may want to disable the Properties command when the chart is empty

> to prevent the user from editing it.

hmm. good idea.


> 2) All series must have the same amount of points as the chart data is a

> matrix. You can hide unwanted points by assigning CHART_HIDDEN to their

> value.


This sounds like what I can use.

My application reads data from a machine, indicating what light wavelength has

been read, and the associated values. The user has the option of choosing the

wavelength values between 200 and 1000. What I want to show, is a graph that

may contain several series that may overlap in wavelength values, or not

overlap at all, representing gaps in a series to some extent.

Are there any major performance hits if I fill the graph with a set # of

points, that may or

may not actually be used? My thought is to set all the points to CHART_HIDDEN,

and then just fill them in as necessary.

BTW, BCB 5.0 also re-declares several of the enumerated types, which produces

several compile errors if inclusion of chartfx.h as a whole via #include

statements difficult. The workaround is obvious, but you may want to include

that as a helpful hint on your support website. (which is really useful by the


thanks again for your help,

michael :)


> --

> Frank


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