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Multi - type charts

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My attention was drawn by the message posted by Gretchen last week.

Also in my application I'm loosing sight of the data points in the graph at the end of the graph. So I'm waiting for the new release.

But that's not all. What I'm trying to do is to compose a graph with repetively a bar and a line/curve. The bar's value is always less than the value of the line/curve. In the case of only 1 combination (1 bar and 1 curve) I have no problems. In the case of multiple combinations (e.g. 5 bars and 5 curves), in most cases I see 5 bars and only 2 curves. The other 3 curves seem to be dissappear.

I hope someone knows the solution or at least has the same problem.

Thanks in advance,

Hans Keijzers

The Netherlands

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