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dynamically adding and removing series from a realtime XY chart

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I have a realtime XY chart running very similar to a stripchart, and I need

to add and remove series at runtime. I know basically how to add a series,

but when I modify the MaxValues property to account for the new series, my

data is lost. Is there a way to add series and resize the chart MaxValues

without having to lose the data? If not, is there a quick/simple way to

copy the previous series data out of the chart, increase MaxValues, and then

put the data back in?

I also need to remove one or more series at runtime, but I can't seem to

find a way to do this other than to simply hide the graph. The problem I'll

have with this is when a user removes most of the series from a chart and

then starts adding new series to the chart, the MaxValues value will become

very large over time. Is there a way to remove a series independently of

the other series?



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