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question on series

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I have a trial version (with intent to purchase) of ChartFX98, running

under BCB 5.0.

two questions:

1) how can I have a chart display zero seires upon startup? currently,

I'm making the first series invisible, and that works ok, but if the

user chooses the properties box, Series 1 still shows.

2) when I place two series with different x-axis limits, prior series

that do not extend to the max of other series, have data in them, set to

0. For the application I am writing, this makes the graphs look awkward,

and could lead to confusion for the users. How can I prevent this from

happening? what I'd like to see is that if series 1 has min max x-axis

values of 200 and 400, and series 2 has min max x-axis values of 300 and

700, I would want two series to show up, with the first series simply

not having any plot points over 400 for the x-axis.



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