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Can't rename "Bring to front"

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I'm using the DLL in VC++ and I'm trying to rename the annotation bar 

commands so they are more easily distinguishable from the regular toolbar

objects. (I.e. Background color is on both toolbars.) I've accomplished this

with the code at the end of this e-mail. It worked great for everything

EXCEPT for the "Bring to front" command, which retained it's original


Is this a bug or is there something blindingly wrong in my code that I am


Andrew Pane


Merak Projects Ltd.

A Division of Schlumberger GeoQuest



pAnnList->ToolBarObj->Commands->Item[iD_OBJECT_BACKCOLOR]->Text =

"Annotation Background Color";

pAnnList->ToolBarObj->Commands->Item[iD_OBJECT_BORDERCOLOR]->Text =

"Annotation Foreground (Border) Color";

pAnnList->ToolBarObj->Commands->Item[iD_OBJECT_CUT]->Text = "Cut


pAnnList->ToolBarObj->Commands->Item[iD_OBJECT_COPY]->Text = "Copy


pAnnList->ToolBarObj->Commands->Item[iD_OBJECT_PASTE]->Text = "Paste


pAnnList->ToolBarObj->Commands->Item[iD_OBJECT_BRINGTOFRONT]->Text =

"Bring annotation to front";

pAnnList->ToolBarObj->Commands->Item[iD_OBJECT_SENDTOBACK]->Text = "Send

annotation to back";

pAnnList->ToolBarObj->Commands->Item[iD_OBJECT_GROUP]->Text = "Group


pAnnList->ToolBarObj->Commands->Item[iD_OBJECT_UNGROUP]->Text = "Ungroup


pAnnList->ToolBarObj->Commands->Item[iD_OBJECT_FLIPVERTICAL]->Text = "Flip

annotation vertically";

pAnnList->ToolBarObj->Commands->Item[iD_OBJECT_FLIPHORIZONTAL]->Text =

"Flip annotation horizontally";

pAnnList->ToolBarObj->Commands->Item[iD_OBJECT_ROTATERIGHT]->Text =

"Rotate annotation right";

pAnnList->ToolBarObj->Commands->Item[iD_OBJECT_ROTATELEFT]->Text = "Rotate

annotation left";

pAnnList->ToolBarObj->Commands->Item[iD_OBJECT_PROPERTIES]->Text =

"Annotation Properties";

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