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Updating ChartFX 3.0 DLL and Delphi VCL

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To softwareFX Tech Support, 

We are using the ChartFX 3.0 DLL with the Delphi VCL for Delphi 3.0.

We are about to start updating our main application using Delphi 5.0. I


from you web site that your latest VCL for the ChartFX 3.0 DLL only

support Delphi 4 and has not been updated for Delphi 5. Can you tell

me what us what upgrade path is available for us. Have you stopped


ChartFX 3.0? While we're keen to update to ChartFX 4.0 in the near future


would appreciate a way forward with v3.0 and Delphi 5 for our approaching


Best regards,

Mike Walters

Mike Walters Software,UK.

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