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Re: How to set the charset for the font programmatically?

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First of all, thanks, Frank, for the answer on setting 

the desired charset. Being quite new to COM, I would like

to ask you (or others) if my solution is optimal.

The original question was...


>> I am using Cfx4032.dll (version in the C++

>> (VC++ ver. 6.0) application (ATL, no MFC).


>> I am filling the series legend [...]

>> Later, I do allow displaying the legend [...]

>> The problem is that the strings are in the Czech language and the

>> implicit font uses "Western" charset. [...]

>> How can I do the same programmatically?


>> I tried to use PutFonts(), but it uses only combination of the

>> family, weight, and size [...]


>> I do use Windows NT 4.0 English version with Czech regional setting.


Frank answered...


> Instead of using the Fonts property, you need to set the font using an OLE

> Font object (IFont). The IFont interface has a property called CharSet


> allows you to change the Character set.


> The LegendBoxObj object has a property called Font that receives an OLE


> object.


> There are also properties in the Chart object of this type (Axis(i).Font,

> TopFont, etc.).


So, instead of PutFonts(), I have tried:

try {




ATLASSERT(pFont != 0);

HRESULT hr = pFont->put_Charset(EASTEUROPE_CHARSET);




It seems to work, but is this O.K.? I do know the basic principles

of COM (I hope :(, but I do not know well the related details,

e.g. the ATL templates for COM.

Could you confirm correctness of the following description

of what I think is behind the scene.

The GetFont() returns (IFontDisp *). The interface is derived from

IUnknown, i.e. it supports QueryInterface(). The CComQIPtr<> uses

the QueryInterface() and the IID_IFont to get the interface IFont

(from whatever other interface, i.e. also from IFontDisp) and wrap

the pointer into the smart-pointer object. Then I did use the


Is there any other more efficient, more understandable, or simply

better way to do the same?

Thanks for comments,



Petr Prikryl, Skil s.r.o., e-mail: prikrylp at skil dot cz

Please, don't reply via e-mail.

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