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AddCommand/VC++ problem

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I'm using ChartFX 98/4.0, can I wish to add a new command(40), with ToolTip 

text of 'MyPrint' and the 'Printer' icon, at location 10 of the ToolBar.

Why doesn't this work?????



m_pChartFX->Commands->PutitemText( 40, "MyPrint" );

m_pChartFX->Commands->PutitemPicture( 40, 2 );

m_pChartFX->ToolBarObj->Item[10]->CommandID = 40;

This kinda works ... however, the icon displayed in the 10th tool location

is the Open Folder, and the ToolTip text says 'Solid'. When I click on that

icon, I am taken to the UserCommand command handler function, which is what

I want. But why aren't the icon & ToolTip text changed???

Can anyone show me working VC++ code, please? I'm very disappointed in lack

of C++ type sample code.



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