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Re: How to remove menu items from pop-ups

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Thanks for the info but I'm still confused as to how to implement this in 

C++. I tried the following but it throws an exception:

ICommandItem* iCi = m_pChartFX->Commands->Item[CFX_ID_CM_BACKGROUND];


Further, I am uncomfortable removing commands by position (I assume that's

the argument for RemoveSubCommand). If SoftwareFX decides to later add

another item to the menu then my code will break. How can I remove commands

based on umambiguous command ID's? For instance, I remove toolbar items as

j = m_pChartFX->ToolBarObj->FindID( CFX_ID_TOOLBAR );


Is this possible for menu items?

Francisco Padron <frankp@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> You can do this using the RemoveSubCommand method. For example lets say


> want to remove the DataEditor menu option from the right-click menu (chart

> background). You can do:


> ChartFX1.Commands(CFX_ID_CM_BACKGROUND).RemoveSubCommand 1


> Other commands for other menus:


> CFX_ID_CM_SERIES // Right click on a point marker/bar

> CFX_ID_CM_BACKGROUND, // Right click on the chart background

> CFX_ID_CM_AXIS, // Right click on an axis

> CFX_ID_CM_TITLE, // Right click on a title

> CFX_ID_CM_BAR, // Right click on a legend box


> Frank




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