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Re: What about min and max and Data

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"Rene Garcia" <reneg@prodigy.net> wrote in message 


> Set those properties after the Ador resulset call. The problem is taht


> you connect the chart to the resultset Chart FX is recalculating teh


> and Gap again according to the data contained in the resultset.


> Regards


> ReneG


That was not the problem.

I have made a .RecalcScale after a set the properties.

Without recalc it works.

But was it not described so in the onlinehelp to do a recalc?

By the way I found another mistake in the onlinehelp

the constants for naxis are wrong

in the Manuel is list

AXIS_Y 0 Label is on the primary Y axis.

AXIS_X 1 Label is on the x axis.

Axis_X is 2 that cost my an hour.

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