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Re: Large real time charts using dll

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I am not sure about trying to find out the correct size issue - in my app, I 

finally just lost even spacing and worked around. Maybe if you do some

testing and see how big the chart needs to be in pixels or something?

Does the flickering only happen on the Series legend? In my app, I turned

off the X Axis legend since it scrolled too fast to be helpful (so I

probably never saw that). Have you tried to reduce the number of Axis text

so that is doesn't need to update so often?



Erik Alsmyr <erik.alsmyr@home.se> wrote in message


> Thank you for letting me know I am not the only one with this problem. I

> have been trying to solve this for a couple of days now.


> Can I give the chart any parameters on creating it so that it can hold

> something like 5000 points in it

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