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Large real time charts using dll

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When I try to change the number of values in a realtime chart the chart area 

automatically changes its size on the screen. I change this by setting the

MaxValues property to a new value. Because of this, when the chart area

becomes too big, something happens and it shrinks into a single vertical


I figure this has something to do with the CT_EVENSPACING flag.

If I place the chart on the dialog in the resource editor I can set the

number of values high but since I am creating the chart in runtime I have to

change this property after creating the chart object and thereby reducing

the chart to a single vertical line as mentioned before.

My question is if there is some way for me to lock the size of the charting

area so it does not change when I change the number of values?

If not what method do you suggest for creating a real time chart with about

5000 elements in runtime? If i exclude the CT_EVENSPACING flag the chart

flickers and takes up 100% of CPU when the number of values exceed 600.

I am using VC++ 6.0.


Erik Alsmyr erik.alsmyr@home.se

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