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Stacked drop down disabled after setting and unsetting Secondary YAxis

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Hi Frank, 

The Stacked property in the property pages does not get re-enabled after a

Secondary Y Axis has had a series assigned and then un-assigned to it. Here

is the repro:

1. Load Data to a bar chart.

2. Show the secondary Y Axis.

3. Assign a series to the secondary Y axis.

4. At this point, Stacked (on the general properties page) is disabled.

5. Assign the same series back to the primary Y Axis.

6. Set the secondary Y Axis to invisible.

7. The Stacked property is still disabled.

We save off all of our charts - once these charts have been saved, I

absolutely cannot get the Stacked property to be enabled in the properties

pages again, although Chart.Commands(CFX_ID_STACKED).enabled returns true.

We do not manipulate the Stacked property in code, so it is important to us

that this UI function properly.

I've attached a sample app, any help is sincerely appreciated.


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