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Re: Labeling Axis

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I have one last question regarding your suggestion 

How do I put variable into the labeling command. You have suggested the



I noticed the L"StringLabel" is a wchar_t * type. How do I cast a AnsiString

variable or a char variable into this type. I have tried to cast a char

type to wchar_t first, then passing the reference of this wchar_t to wchar_t

* variable. I have run into access violation with this methond. Thank You!

Francisco Padron <frankp@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> Looks like Borland/Inprise did it again ! For some reason when they


> the ActiveX, they left out some properties, in this case Label, I guess

> because it is a string array (beats me !). Anyway, the workaround is to

> call:


> ChartFX1->Legend[i] = L"StringLabel";


> or


> pAxis->set_Label(i,L"StringLabel");


> Frank



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