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Re: Migrating from MSChart1

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I have tried the documentation but get confused (stupid me...) 

.Row sets the current row

.Column sets the current column

Example: .Row = 3, .Column = 2

.Data sets the Data value for the current .Row and .Column

Example: .Data = 5

.ColumnCount and .RowCount sets the Maximum count of Rows/Columns

Example: .RowCount = 3, .ColumnCount = 2

.ColumnLabel and .RowLabel set the value of the Current .Row and .Column

I hope this helps...

Thank you in advance.

"Francisco Padron" <frankp@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> I'm not very familiar with MSChart so I don't know exactly what each of

> these properties does. I think they refer to setting and accessing data.


> can find documentation on how to set data in Chart FX documentation. It is

> quite diferent.


> Frank



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