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Re: Real-Time Chart of Non-Real time Data

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Looks like I can plot a set size window of my data and then update 

the charts by moving this window in my data but keeping the same number

of points in the charts. Looks like I can do this for up to about 200 points

@ 5Hz

without affecting the speed of my application.

Thanks again for the help,


Steve Rasmusssen <steve@rassimtech.com> wrote in message


> That time sound right. The problem is that I'm also updating CPU intensive

> graphics, dynamics and GUI. If I were to update the charts at 5Hz

> there would be (is) no time to do the other updates.


> If you have any other ideas, please let me know, this is one of the

> reasons we purchased ChartFX, hopefully I'll be able find a way of

> doing this.


> Thanks for the help,


> Steve



> Francisco Padron <frankp@softwarefx.com> wrote in message

> news:DE0379D14694D211B4CE00609770710D04E442@sftfx-221.wamnet.net...

> > There is no way to avoid the redraw of the chart. I've had made test

> however

> > and drawing 2 to 3,000 points doesn't take long, in my computer takes


> > than 1/5 of a second. How long is it taking on your end ?

> >

> > Frank

> > SFX

> >


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