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Re: Real-Time Chart of Non-Real time Data

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Hi Frank, 

Thanks for the quick reply.

> 1) So is this a real-time time chart or not ? is the data being added



1) No, this is not a real-time chart. My application

is animating prerecorded data in real-time. What I need to do

is display this data in a chart and somehow indicate

to the user where the current time is in the chart.

I have no problem setting up the charts and filling them with data:

pChartFX->OpenDataEx((CfxCod) (COD_VALUES),



// set-up data series

int iSeriesIndex=0;

for (vector<CChartDataSeries>::iterator





for(int i=0;i<m_pchtParameters->m_iMaxNumValues[iChartIndex];i++)







The problem that I'm having is indicating on the chart where the current

time is.

> 2) Setting a constant line will cause the whole chart to redraw

2) Is there some other method I can use to indicate the time position on the


without having the whole chart redrawn?

> 3) What do you mean by "the whole simulation grinds to a halt" ? does the

> computer freezes or it just takes time because it is redrawing the chart ?

> If the last, how many points are in this chart.

3) It is taking too long to redraw the chart. At this point I using about

1000 points

per series and two or three series.

I have tried using a limited window and scrolling, but this updates too slow


I'm plotting all of the data to the chart and it does not change during

operation. All

I need to do is draw a line on the chart ,or indicate some how, where the

current time is.



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