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Return Values from PixeltoValue not consistent?

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I am using the PixeltoValue method to capture the x-axis label position 

(first, second, third,etc.) that the mouse is hovering over. In each case,

my x axis is categorical. Sometimes PixeltoValue returns a value that

rounds to 1 in the x value for the first label (continuing with 2,3,4, etc),

other times it returns a value that rounds to 0 for the x value, continuing

with 1,2,3,4,etc.

Why is it that I am getting this inconsistency? Is there a property to

adjust where the x-axis starts in chart coordinates ?

Is there a different method of determining which label the mouse is hovering

over on the x-axis that is consistent?

I have attached a sample app with two .cht files. One will demonstrate the

0-based behaviour and the other demonstrates the 1-based behaviour. Just

load one of the two and hover the mouse over the x-axis labels.

NOTE: I consistently get one or the other in the same chart file - for

example, zero.cht ALWAYS starts its x-axis label position near 0, and

one.cht ALWAYS starts its x-axis label position near 1. That's why I

thought maybe a property is inadvertently getting set in the chart file?

Again, thanks for your help!


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