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Draw chart without the vvalue on the Axis_Y

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Hi, I have another question 

I want to draw an istogram with one serie and few values ( 8 - 10 )

and I want to put the value only on the top of the bar and I don't want to

view value on the axis AXIS_Y

I write :

// to put value on the top of the bar

m_pChart->PointLabels =true;

m_pChart->Fonts[(CfxFont) CHART_VALUESFT] = (CfxFontAttr) (CF_COURIERNEW |

CF_BOLD | 10);

// to hide the value on the AXIS_Y


=(CfxAxisStyle )(m_pChart->Axis->Item[AXIS_Y]->Style | AS_HIDETEXT );

But the chart in the picture isn't near the left border, it is in the same

position if I drawn the picture with the value on the AXIS_Y, and It isn't

beatiful !!

Is it possible to move the chart near the the left border ?

Thanks in advance,


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