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SetScrollView question

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SetScrollView method allows to specify the number of points per view.

However, if I resize the chart window (eg MoveWindow) the number of points

per view automatically changes.

I understand that ChartFX actually preserves PixPerUnit property, so the

naumber of points displayed is decreased or increased after re-size but the

distance between points remains the same.

Does anybody know how to change this behaviour and make ChartFX preserve the

number of points per page regardless of window size?

I don't think that constantly calling SetScrollView in WM_SIZE handler is a

good idea because of possiblt flickering. Are there any other methods?

Another question.

Could somebody please provide a sample of how to print a chart in multiple

pages, with the same specified number of points on each page?

Can PrintIt method help? What is the meaning of its parameters, FromPage and

ToPage, i.e. if I call PrintIt 1, 10 will it break the chart in 10 pages or

print only 10 first pages while the total number of pages is calculated


Thanks in advance,


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