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Re: Localizing CFX 98 Financial Extension

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Dear Mr. Wasbauer: 

I have forwarded your email to the Chart FX FE support team who should get

back to you as soon as they receive it. I apologize if they haven't

responded but I know they were out of the office assisting other Chart FX FE





M.Wasbauer <m.wasbauer@mcse-nl.demon.nl> wrote in message


> Hello everybody,


> Since I am not getting any response in the Localization Newsgroup, nor

> getting response on my e-mails to cfxfe@softwarefx.com I am posting this

> message in this group and others.


> My question is:


> How can I localize the Financial Extension?

> I found out that I can do it the same way as cfx98, with a DLL but there

> seems to be no resource files for the FE.


> I have send two e-mails already to cfxfe@softwarefx.com but they don't

> reply.

> Since I am slightly running out of trial time this item becomes urgent.

> I need to demonstrate a program on short term and when approved,

> ChartFX FE can be registered.


> M.Wasbauer


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