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URGENT: Chartfx 3.0 to Chartfx 98 .cht xy plot import - X Axis Step value beingignored?

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We are migrating our app from ChartFX 3.0 to ChartFX 98. We have installed 

and registered the CFX4Filters.dll. When we import a .cht file containing an

XY plot (our version, called a quad chart) that was saved as a 3.0 file, the

X axis step value is 2, no matter what scenario we've tried - we've

attempted setting the step to 0 and calling RecalcScale; we've hard coded a

value in the step; We've even looked at the properties at run-time, but

there doesn't seem to be a way to change the step during runtime with this


I've attached a sample app with our 3.0 chart, as well as a new ChartFX 98

chart where we re-create the XY plot. In the new chart all seems fine. Can

you shed some light on this issue for us? Is this a problem with migrating,

or is there something I'm overlooking?

Thanks very much!


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