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One of the "tricks" I learned from Francisco was to turn on the DataEditor.

This will allow you to see the actual values of the series.

Your code creates values of -10, 0 ,10, 20.

20 ON 10 IS 30, hence your top value of 30 in the chart.

I think the problem in this code is in your last series:

"ChartFX.ValueEx(3, 0) = 20"

The sample is to create a floating bar chart starting with -20 and stack

values of 10 on top.

Your 4th series is valued at 20, not 10. I can read the code and understand

what you mean but poor computer...

I recently had some questions regarding the YFrom settings and had to write

some special code to check my data series. I couldn't count on positive or

negative numbers for a floating bar chart and had to check each series

begining and ending point to see how to insert the values into the arrays.


Just for fun, using the code you provided, converted to VBA (Access 2000)

the code looks like:


Dim ChartFX As Object

Set ChartFX = Me.Chart1

ChartFX.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES, 4, 1

ChartFX.OpenDataEx COD_INIVALUES, 4, 1

ChartFX.ValueEx(0, 0) = -10

ChartFX.IniValueEx(0, 0) = -20

ChartFX.ValueEx(1, 0) = 0

ChartFX.IniValueEx(1, 0) = -10

ChartFX.ValueEx(2, 0) = 10

ChartFX.IniValueEx(2, 0) = 0

ChartFX.ValueEx(3, 0) = 10 'corrected from 20

ChartFX.IniValueEx(3, 0) = 10


ChartFX.CloseData COD_VALUES


ChartFX.Axis.Item(AXIS_Y).Max = 60

ChartFX.Axis.Item(AXIS_Y).Min = -60

ChartFX.Axis.Item(AXIS_Y).Grid = True

ChartFX.DataEditor = True

Set ChartFX = Nothing


-----Original Message-----

From: Bruce Rhoades [ mailto:BruceR@mobiusg.com]

Sent: Thursday, December 30, 1999 7:40 AM

To: 'Steve Titus'

Subject: RE: Removing Zero Line Programmatically

Thanks, Steve. Using the AS_FORCEZERO removes those zero lines like I want

them to.

I have been having another problem that I was wondering if you could help me

with. I have emailed Francisco with this problem, as well as sent one to

general support and have not gotten a response.

I am trying to implement a floating, stacked bar chart using the code below:

m_pChartFX->Stacked = CHART_STACKED;

m_pChartFX->OpenDataEx(COD_VALUES, 4, 1);

m_pChartFX->OpenDataEx(COD_INIVALUES, 4, 1);

m_pChartFX->IniValueEx[0][0] = -20;

m_pChartFX->ValueEx[0][0] = -10;

m_pChartFX->IniValueEx[1][0] = -10;

m_pChartFX->ValueEx[1][0] = 10;

m_pChartFX->IniValueEx[2][0] = 0;

m_pChartFX->ValueEx[2][0] = 10;

m_pChartFX->IniValueEx[3][0] = 10;

m_pChartFX->ValueEx[3][0] = 10;



m_pChartFX->Axis->Item[AXIS_Y]->Min = -60;

Basically, there is just one stacked-bar in the chart, with 4 series. I want

it to start at -20 and extend to 20, with each series being of size 10. Now,

using the above code, all series EXCEPT for the 4th (topmost) series is of

size 10. Now, as you can see in the attached chart, the topmost series

extends from 10 to 30, even though I specify it having size 10:

m_pChartFX->ValueEx[3][0] = 10;

Now, one important thing to note is that I only have this problem when I use

negative values for the ValueEx and the IniValueEx. If the values are ALL

positive, the above code works just fine. As soon as they go negative,

however, I have problems like the one presented here.

What is going on here? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance

Bruce Rhoades

-----Original Message-----

From: Steve Titus [ mailto:stephent@hevanet.com]

Sent: Wednesday, December 29, 1999 9:13 PM

To: brhoades@mobiusg.com

Subject: Re: Removing Zero Line Programmatically


In the UI reference if you click the Axes tab then details it takes you to:

ChartName.Axis(AxisName).Style property

seems this is toggled with:

ChartName.Axis(AxisName).Style = AS_BREAKZERO


ChartName.Axis(AxisName).Style = AS_FORCEZERO

Is this your question?


Bruce Rhoades <brhoades@mobiusg.com> wrote in message


> I seem to be unable to find a property with the axis object to remove the

> zero lines from my chart. I can do it with the property dialog by going to

> the Axes tab, then clicking on Details and then clicking off the zero



> Anyone out there know of a way to do this programmatically? I am using


> but sample code of any sort would be appreciated.


> Thanks


> Bruce Rhoades


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