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Re: Removing Zero Line Programmatically

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In the UI reference if you click the Axes tab then details it takes you to:

ChartName.Axis(AxisName).Style property

seems this is toggled with:

ChartName.Axis(AxisName).Style = AS_BREAKZERO


ChartName.Axis(AxisName).Style = AS_FORCEZERO

Is this your question?


Bruce Rhoades <brhoades@mobiusg.com> wrote in message


> I seem to be unable to find a property with the axis object to remove the

> zero lines from my chart. I can do it with the property dialog by going to

> the Axes tab, then clicking on Details and then clicking off the zero



> Anyone out there know of a way to do this programmatically? I am using


> but sample code of any sort would be appreciated.


> Thanks


> Bruce Rhoades


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