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Yes, NSeries is the total number of series.  If you examine it under the 

scenario I mentioned (setting NSeries to 20 in design time and back to 2

again) you'll see that NSeries stays at 20 - a good indication that the

component has pre-allocated 20 and not returned to 2.

Deleting and reinserting the component has no effect - I've already done it.

Note also that I'm inserting a series into a real-time chart - they're won't

be any history for the series, just new data going forward.

SteveT <stephent@compassadv.com> wrote in message


Is the nSeries the Total number of series? If you had 1 series and wanted

to add 1 more nSeries would now be 2.

The following bit of code works for me in Access2k. Sometimes before I go

"over the edge", I delete the control and reinsert it. Seems to help.


Private Sub Form_Load()

'set chart with 1 series

ChartFX1.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES, 1, 5

ChartFX1.Series(0).Yvalue(0) = 30

ChartFX1.Series(0).Yvalue(1) = 76

ChartFX1.Series(0).Yvalue(2) = 43.5

ChartFX1.Series(0).Yvalue(3) = 90.75

ChartFX1.Series(0).Yvalue(4) = 12.5

ChartFX1.CloseData COD_VALUES

End Sub

Private Sub cmdAdd_Click()

'add another series to existing chart


ChartFX1.Series(1).Yvalue(0) = 40

ChartFX1.Series(1).Yvalue(1) = 86

ChartFX1.Series(1).Yvalue(2) = 53.5

ChartFX1.Series(1).Yvalue(3) = 100.75

ChartFX1.Series(1).Yvalue(4) = 22.5

ChartFX1.CloseData COD_VALUES

End Sub

smn <snevins@emdev.com> wrote in message


> Using build with VB6 to generate real-time charts. I'm trying to

> add a series at run-time, using the code mentioned in the thread on 8/30:


> cfx.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES, nSeries, COD_UNCHANGE

> cfx.CloseData COD_VALUES


> <nSeries> = the new series number


> The total number of series does not change (examined via property


> and when I try to add a data point to that series I get the "invalid

> property array index" error.


> However....if at design time I set NSeries to, say, 20, run it, then set


> back to, say, 2, I can use the above code to add a series at run-time -

> providing I don't exceed the maximum number I've ever entered at


> (in this example, that would be 20).


> Thoughts?


> smn


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