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Re: Problem scrolling the legend in Realtime chart

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I am working with Visual C++ 6.0 and in the MFC sample that I have, the

realtime chart example does not scroll the legends. There are two charts in

the dialog window. One is a bar graph that inserts points, the other is a

line graph that adds points. Both use CRT_LOOPPOS. Is this the example

you are speaking of? If not, where can I find and example (in C/C++, not

VB) ?

Back to the problem ...

I am using version, so this must be a different problem. Is it

true that the legend & grid scroll the same number of points as the number

specified in OpenDataEx ?

David Cleveland

Georgia Tech Research Institute

Francisco Padron wrote in message ...

>Some tips:


>1) Make sure you are using the latest SP ( as a BUG related to

>this was fixed some time ago.


>2) The RealTime sample program included with the installation sets and

>scrolls categorical legends. The sample is, however, designed to scroll one

>legend at a time, you would need to enclose the code that adds a legend

>inside a loop to add more than one.





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