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Problem scrolling the legend in Realtime chart

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I am having trouble get the legend to scroll properly in my realtime chart. 

Everything works great if I add one point at a time...

m_pChart->OpenDataEx( (CfxCod) (COD_VALUES | COD_ADDPOINTS), 1, 1 );

m_pChart->ValueEx[0][0] = newValue;

m_pChart->CloseData( (CfxCod) (COD_VALUES | COD_REALTIMESCROLL |


but if i add multiple points like this ...

m_pChart->OpenDataEx( (CfxCod) (COD_VALUES | COD_ADDPOINTS), 1, 10 );

for( i=0; i<10; i++ ) {

m_pChart->ValueEx[0][i] = newValue;


m_pChart->CloseData( (CfxCod) (COD_VALUES | COD_REALTIMESCROLL |


then the legends and grid seem to still scroll one point and now the data

and grid are no longer in sync. What is the trick here? Also, is there

some example code someplace that shows how to create and scroll categorical

legends. The help file was not to clear on how to do this.

Thank you,

David Cleveland

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