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Rendering a web chart in background thread in ASP.NET fails

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I've just spent a few hours debugging a problem with rendering charts in 

a background thread. Even simple charts seem to fail on the background

thread, but only after setting certain style properties! By fail, I

mean that the chart renders out random data, while maintaining all of

the styles intact. It's quite strange.

I've compared the .chw files produced on a background thread to those

produced on the ASP.NET thread and the only difference seems to be that

the URL of the page is embedded in the one run from the ASP.NET page.

Perhaps there's a bug in the client-side control that bombs out when the

URL of page is missing in the .chw file?

I worked around it by setting the HttpContext.Current on the background

thread to the same thread as my main ASP.NET request.

To reproduce it, render one chart on the main ASP.NET page and another

on the background thread using a dataset as a source. Set a style (I

found that Gallery type would make this fail). The one on the ASP.NET

thread works as expected, while the thread-produced one will show random



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