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Color for Single Value in a Single Series

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I am having trouble overriding the default color setting of black with a 

new color for a single value in one series (one bar displayed in bar


Here is the code I am using....

nSeries = 1

nPoints = 1

chart(chart_num).OpenDataEx COD_VALUES,nSeries,nPoints

chart(chart_num).ThisSerie = 0

chart(chart_num).SerLeg(0) = current_metric_name

chart(chart_num).keyLeg(0) = current_metric_name

childValue = getvalue(current_metric, current_date)

chart(chart_num).value(0) = childValue

chart(chart_num).CloseData COD_VALUES

chart(chart_num).ChartType = 2

chart(chart_num).Type = chart(chart_num).Type Or 65536

chart(chart_num).ADM(1) = childValue*1.5

chart(chart_num).OpenDataEx COD_COLORS,nSeries*nPoints,0

for i = 0 to nSeries-1

chart(chart_num).ThisSerie = i

for j = 0 to nPoints-1

chart(chart_num).Color(j*nSeries + i) =

getcolor(current_metric, current_color)



chart(chart_num).CloseData COD_COLORS

Thanks for any help.


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