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Re: Class not registered on Win95

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Hi Javier, 

I just ran across a similar problem (Win98 OK, Win95 problem..).

When you directly call registry functions (like RegOpenKeyE etc.) you have

to make sure not to

append a "/" at the end of the key string. Win98 accepts this, Win95 not.

This could have caused the unregistered class in Win95



Javier Poot Polanco schrieb in Nachricht <380762C5.8DA8286E@aspel.com.mx>...

>Hello there!

>I'm working with ChartFx98 and C++ Builder 4. I've already

>developed an application for Win 9x, but I have a little trouble: when

>I'm installing it over Win 95, a message error's thrown: "Class Not

>Registered"; even on Win98 everything goes fine.


>Can I work with ChartFx98 on Win95?

>Do I need to do anything?






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