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Y Axis Labels

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I am encountering a strange behaviour of the automatic labels on the Y axis.

Whenever the lowest value in the chart (at least this is what I guess) has a


of something not really close to a multiple of a power of 10 ( i.e. 1, 10,

100 etc.),

the Y axis labels tale values of e.g. 9.9, 99.9, 999.9 etc. instead of 1,

10 , 100.

Why does this happen? How are the Y axis labels caculated anyway? Is there a


of setting these labels programmatically to avoid such problems?

This seems to affect charts in logarithmic scale at least.

Another problem: Can I set the grid spacing in logarithmic charts to

something other

than the default value? The default spacing is too close for a nice layout.

Tnx for any help


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