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Re: XY Charts where each series has a different number of points

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Hey frank, my compiler does the same thing (VC++)... so I put a 

#define CHART_HIDDEN 1.0e+308

in it and it works find... hope this helps!


Frank Cammaroto <fcammaro@mits.com.au> wrote in message


> Hi,


> I have also tried to do this but it has been unsuccessful.

> I am using the following line of code:

> seriesPtr->PutYvalue(10, CHART_HIDDEN);

> where I am substituting my data value with the CHART_HIDDEN constant.


> BUT, the compiler complains that CHART_HIDDEN is an undefined identifier.


> Is CHART_HIDDEN the correct constant or am I supposed to #import the ocx


> a special way to get this constant.

> N.B. I have searched the type library files generated by the #import and

> there is no CHART_HIDDEN defined anywhere.


> A sample bit of code would be very helpful,


> Thanks

> Frank Cammaroto


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