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I am trying to plot my X Values as time. I have seen that the XAxis object

has a property Format and if I pass it AF_TIME it should automatically

display the values as time. I have been unable to successfully use this or

find any doco on it. What is the best way for me to treat my X Axis as a

time axis? Should I use the Chart as an XY plot and pass the XValue as a

number being a GMT time OR does the Chart do some magic for me when it come

to time formatting of the X Axis?

Also, to make the problem more interesting, I could potentially have

multiple series on the Chart where their time values are NOT aligned BUT I

need to overlay these two series. For example, I want to overlay yesterdays

results over todays results and present these 2 series on the same Chart.

How is the best way to handle the following scenario using the Chart FX


Help is appreciated

Frank Cammaroto

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