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Labels on print output

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I fixed my problems with the annotation objects as labels on the axis. I

managed to

to fix their strange position using the "PrePaint" event. So on the screen


looks fine.

Not so on the printout. The labels appear somewhere close to the top of the


instead of beimg printed right below the x axis.

The code I used in the PrePaint event is something like

Set AnnotX = .GetExtension("AnnotationX.AnnList")

twy = Screen.TwipsPerPixelY

Set txtAnnot = AnnotX.Item(nIndex)

chartFX1.ValueToPixel xMin, yMin, X, Y, AXIS_Y

txtAnnot.Left = X

txtAnnot.Top = chartFX1.Height / twy - 100

I guess the problems arise from the "Screen.TwipsPerPixelY"

Is there anything the like I can do for the printing??

Any help greatly welcome



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