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Re: Is there a way to "copy" and/or "save" chart?

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Thanks for the response, that helps a lot.  I also was wondering if there 

was a way to do the same thing just using variables. For instance, can I

have a chart object in one dialog and pass its pointer (IChartFXPtr

m_pChartFX) to another dialog? Can I do this as long as I don't create a

window with it? Or can I create a window and then destroy the window and

create another with the same IChartFXPtr?

Also is there a way to serialize charts using MFC and CFile/CArchive?

Thanks again for the help.


Josh Eanes

Francisco Padron <frankp@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> Check out the Export method it allows you to save the chart to files and


> the clipboard.


> Frank



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