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Trouble Using the Series Object

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I am having some difficulty using the series object. Does somebody know if

I can "dynamically" add and remove series from the chart. If the answer is

YES, how is it done.

Here is an example of what I am trying to do:

ICfxSeriesEnumPtr seriesEnumPtr = m_spChartFX->GetSeries();

// Get the new number of configured series.

int numSeries = m_traceVariables.GetSize();

//add one point from the right in realtime for each series

m_spChartFX->OpenDataEx((CfxCod) (COD_VALUES | COD_ADDPOINTS), numSeries,


long count = seriesEnumPtr->GetCount();

ATLTRACE("GetSize of array = %i, count of series = %i\n", numSeries,


// Loop throug all configured series and add the data point.

for (short i = 0; i < m_traceVariables.GetSize(); i++) {

ICfxSeriesPtr seriesPtr = seriesEnumPtr->GetItem(i);

This code crashes on the line seriesEnumPtr->GetItem(i); when I try to

access a new series that I added to the chart. The ATLTRACE prints

GetSize of array = 2, count of series = 1

So, even though I called OpenDataEx with the number of series being 2, it

still seems to think that it only has 1. Do I need to call a method like

AddSeries() to inform the chart that I am about to add a new series to the


I have read through the help files but they don't seem to answer my


Help is appreciated.

Frank Cammaroto

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