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Labels on Pie chart

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I'm using VB to create many different graphs.  I'm having a particular 

problem with a Pie Chart where the label extends beyond the edge of the

graph. The label is dynamic (the text can change depending on the user). I

can manually place a vbcrlf in the label and set NOT as_singleline in the

style, but this has the unfortunate side effect of running the label at the

top of the Pie to run into the Title! I really only want to wrap the ones

running off chart area.

Because I do special formatting of the labels on this particular graph, they

are assigned in the GetPointLabel routine. Is there a decent work-around

for this? Personally I'd like to see the a fix that formats/wraps the label

as needed - Everything else is automatically formatted as I resize the

graph, why can't the labels be?

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