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Question about information saved in a CFX Template

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Good Morning! 

For my application, I want to be able to create a chart that the user can

print out reports with. The User's tend to use the same chart style over

and over again but apply it to different data. They want to be able to take

this chart format and apply it to other data sets without changing anything

(include Major/Minor Axis units, gridlines, etc).

I know that the the Export command (CHART_CFXTEMPLATE) can save a lot of

this information, but there is some information that I need to save on my

own (examples are X and Y Axis Major and Minor Units and if they are

Visible). Is the information that is saved in the CFX Template written

somewhere so I can figure out which information I need to save? Is there a

better way of doing this that using the Template file? Thanks in advance

for the help!


Joshua Eanes

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