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Re: add default processing to _all_ charts.

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Francisco Padron wrote in message ... 

>Dear Eric,


>Very interesting case !


>One thing I don't understand though is how are Mouseevents releated to

>WM_COMMAND ? is it because you were using Chart FX DLL and were capturing

>the CN_ messages ?


Yes.... i was doing that in ChartFX 3.0

>If this is the case, you can use Chart FX 98 DLL and ICfxEvents to achieve

>the same pourpose.


I believe that's true, but.....

>Capturing events through ICfxEvents is fairly simple if you are familiar

>with COM interfaces. Article Q1381010 (KB) gives you the basics.


I found this article a while back, but I can't get the thing to work. What


thought I needed to do was derive from ICfxEvents, and only override the

functions I wanted, like so:

class MyICfxEvents : public ICfxEvents {


MyICfxEvents (MyState *state);

STDMETHOD(Fire_LButtonDblClk)(int x,int y,long nSerie,long nPoint);


MyState *ptr;


and then I could implement my constructor (to save my state), and

implement Fire_LButtonDblClk (or whatever, I actually needed the down,

up and move), and go.

When I tried this, I get all sorts of "can't instatiate class due to pure


blah blah blah. I'm no COM programmer, but I have years of experience

in C++, so I understand in principal what the error means, but I don't

want to override ALL the methods, just the ones I want. Instead of

learning COM just to do this, I was hoping a for concrete example.



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