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add default processing to _all_ charts.

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I'm using VC++ 6.0 

In ChartFX 3.0, I had some nifty default processing I added to every chart,

wherein I would catch the mouse up and down events, and the mouse moving

event, and along with the crosshairs, display the X and Y values as the user

dragged the mouse. Nice for checking points on curves, etc, etc. I did

this by writing a generic routine which took a chart handle, and the wParam

and lParam codes from the WM_COMMAND message. I stuck this procedure in a

DLL, and just called it from any apps OnCommand message handler if I had

charts in that window.

I can't seem to figure out how to do this with ChartFX 98. If I use the

activeX events, I'd have to catch the events in every window that contained

a chart. Messy, and repetitive. I can't seem to get the ICfxEvents class

to work either, so if someone had a sample, I'd love to see it. If I try

to use the WM_COMMAND trick, I get all sorts of multiplied defined errors

when I try to include chartfx.h, because I'm using the ActiveX stuff

elsewhere in the app.




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